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The Collective

A 126 page, 20,000 word premium collection of articles written by Acid Gambit to improve your performance and quality of life across all domains.

Topics Include:

  1. What is Acid Gambit
  2. Re-Engineering Thought and the Practice of Greatness
  3. Caffeine Metabolism
  4. Testosterone
  5. First Day in the Gym
  6. Why You're Not Losing Weight
  7. Progressive Overload
  8. Prioritization
  9. Greek God Physique
  10. Energy Pathways
  11. Autonomic Arousal
  12. Nutrition
  13. Maxing the ACFT
  14. Running
  15. Rest
  16. Insulin
  17. The Human Aging Process

It was an absolute pleasure writing about all these topics, and I hope you enjoy reading them!

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