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The flagship program from ACID GAMBIT

  • Completed by over 100 athletes since 2021
  • Real life success stories, no BS. Real men with real results.


Ranger School is a 62 day course pushing students to mental and physical exhaustion while testing their ability to conduct squad and platoon operations across three phases: Darby, Mountains and Swamp. This is a 12-Week Program designed to prepare you mentally and physically for the suck: from passing the Ranger Physical Assessment and other challenges of RAP Week, to carrying 100+ pound rucks for 62 days. Rangers Lead the Way!

What's Included?

You will receive an excel spreadsheet containing the 12-week Ranger Prep program.

Additional Information

You will be hard pressed NOT to undergo major physical changes after 3-4 months when the program is followed to a T.

This program requires GYM ACCESS. It cannot be done at home, unless you have a well equipped home gym

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