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12 Week Strength Program

12 Week Strength Program

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The ACID GAMBIT Strength Program

The 12-week strength program is not the "perfect" program, but we designed it to be the BEST program for the broadest number of people.

The program goals are simple:

  • Get you stronger
  • Develop lean muscle mass
  • Accomplish these goals in 5 training days per week


This is 12 weeks of periodized training focused on building strength and mass. The goal of this program is to improve MUCH NEEDED strength when you do want to add in more advanced movements. The carryover is significant when you pair with ACID GAMBIT conditioning, aerobic training, functional fitness or Mil Prep. Focus on strength, mass and aesthetics for a significant change in training and boost to overall fitness.

What's Included?

You will receive an excel spreadsheet containing the 12-week strength program.

Additional Information

You will be hard pressed NOT to undergo major physical changes after 3-4 months when the program is followed to a T.

This program requires GYM ACCESS. It cannot be done at home, unless you have a well equipped home gym

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