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12 Week AG Speed Program

12 Week AG Speed Program

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The ACID GAMBIT Speed Program

I designed this program to be the BEST speed cycle for building a peak 1 miler all the way to the 10k. The program goals are simple:

  • Improve aerobic capacity to manage longer runs, easier
  • Improve overall speed at short to mid-distance events
  • Improve your consistency in run training along with an improvement in run form.


The goal of this program is the finish line, with the ability to re-run the program indefinitely. This is a 12 week run program built to adapt to your experience level and individual goals. It includes a baseline week, 12 focused training weeks, and a de-load/test week. This allows for adequate rest, changes in timeline and goals, and ability to run the program repeatedly to continue to improve your times.

What's Included?

You will receive an excel spreadsheet containing the 12-week strength program. There are different tabs for specific distance goals. Simply choose the tab for your desired goal distance. If you goal distance is not included, the only changes required are to the baseline week test distance and Race Pace tests. Included in this program are specific programs for the 1 miler, 1.5 miler, 5k, 5 miler, and 10k.

Still Have Questions?

Send your feedback or questions to Additionally, head to for a detailed breakdown of the run program in the post titled "Dropping the Pace."

Be Somebody. ✌️

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